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Tree Care & Landscaping in Santa Barbara, California

"The work on our huge pepper was done by an artist! It looks beautiful. Many Thanks!"
George & Mary Ellen G. 8/2012

"Thank you very much. Your crew did an outstanding job on the trees and the olives - very artistic! Their cleanup was impeccable. Please suggest us as a reference if we can be of help with clients."
Beth K. 5/2012

"Thank you so much for your prompt response! Excellent job your pros did pruning our trees. Also the clean-up was perfect!"
Denise & Chas 2012

"Thank you for altering your schedule to fit into my tenants and the fence installation. The crew did a great job."
Jim B. 2012

"Thanks! You folks rock! We have used you twice & are very happy with the results."
Greg W. 11/2011

"A few days ago, the Action Tree Care trucks rolled in and the crew removed one large tree, and trimmed and thinned five others in the front yard of the house across the street. My husband and I got hooked on watching the show! The trimmer roped himself to one .branch for safety, left a scaffolding limb, and then roped the branch he would cut next so it wouldn't fall in an unwanted spot- all before wielding the saw. Another of the crew would sometimes belay, and after other cuts would handle the 1:>ranch coming down. So each cut had to be pre-planned. It was like a ballet! Others would pile up and then chip the wood, and sweep the sidewalk as the whole process went along. And they all wore ear protectors and safety glasses. We were very impressed by the skill of the crew and the professional job they did. KUDOS! And when all was done, we had our old view of the mountains back again!"
The neighbors across the street 11/2011

"Please tell us what Information you would like to receive : Hi, I don1 want a quote, but couldn't find a way to email you otherwise. I live in the Los Amigos Estates, which you are currently working at. I think it's important for management and owners to know when they have a good crew, $0 here. There were a lot of trees in my yard and fence line, so they were here most of the day yesterday and are next door now. This crew is one of the most professional. careful and quiet group I've seen in a long time. I can tell they like the people they work for. Ifs nice to see this because I'm sick of the lack of work ethic these days, so ~'s been refreshing to be around your crew these couple of days. I see you are the owners of tile company, now that I've been to your webs~e, and that makes me even more glad to be emailing you. Keep up the great training of these guys and whatever you do to make your employees happy because it has paid off! Good luck with your business. although it seems you don1 need it. Sincerely, Billie Landrum."
Billie L. 02/2011

"Thank you for a job well done! You have a well-run business with your wife and reasonable prices. I will recommend you highly to my friend."
Barbara M. 2011

"Just a short note to thank you for a job well done. Rich was exceptionally helpful, considerate & mannerly. Your drivers were quite skilled. We will be sure to recommend you to our friends & call you again when needed."
Norm & Joyce W. 2009

"Thanks for doing a great job on our palm. Even the neighbor across the street who wanted the tree gone called to tell us she was very pleased to see how much better the tree looks."
Jack V. 9/2009

"Thank you to all your crew for a great job. Our Stone Pine never looked better!"
Christopher & Leilani B. 8/2009

"The crew did a great job - everything looks the way you told me it would. Clean up and damage control look great as you said it would be. I'll be happy to recommend your services and to call you for future work."
Patricia 7/2009

"Thank you! The guys did a great job! No mess, no damage. Much appreciated! Caroline A. 7.2009
Your crew did a great job - both trees look better than ever & they cleaned up thoroughly."
Van B. 2.2009

"Thank you for the service. The tree looks much better. I did want it much narrower And very much appreciate your willingness to take care of that. The good nature of you and your wife is very encouraging. I will look forward to years of having my trees timed by your company."
John H. 12/2008

"Very good job-good crew and a good company"
Phil A. 10/2008

"I just wanted to let you and your crew know how appreciated you are. I am a regular client, because this is the fourth time you have done excellent work at our house. Every time you have worked at our house we have been so pleased. Your service has always been very professional, neat, friendly, and honest. In Santa Barbara I feel it is hard to find a service that treats its clients well. Thanks again for such great work!"
Suzanne B. 02/2001

"I just wanted to thank you and Y0ll! crew for probably the most professionalism I have seen in this area. Your crew was Courteous and considerate concerning my property and took great care to insure the job was done to my satisfaction. If at anytime I need further work performed:med or anyone asks for a great tree service, I will highly recommend your company. Again ... thank you very much and we wish you and all of your crews a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful and safe New Year."
Beckie & Gene B.

"Your guys did a great job! I'm blown away by their agility and finesse while 'climbing the trees. They worked steadily and well. I provided them with orange juice and fruit, for which they were grateful. Thanks for fielding such a good crew, and looking after my intermittent needs. I'll keep you posed on when the road needs a cutback - and you're the company that will get the work!"
Eric & Debby

"Dear Action Tree Team,
THANKS SO MUCH for taking out that tree for us on such a short notice! We appreciate the great service you have provided us in the past and will recommend you to our friends in Santa Barbara."
Jamie and Mike

"Thank you for doing such a great job. Your men were great workers. Bobby Goodman was a pleasure to have overseeing the job. His integrity and on the job skills were outstanding. I personally have never witnessed a harder worker than he and the 3 men with him. Thank you and we look forward to your business next year."
Ron and Sanie

"All day long I'm looking out at our new panoramic view of the mountains, made visible by the amazing work your crew did. Even with the drastic trimming of two trees, it looks like the most natural cut. They create a hedge that maintains the screen of o9ur neighbors and perfectly framed the view. Your men were all careful, courteous, and cooperative. They're truly artists of the trimming and they left our yard beautifully clean. I highly recommend Action Tree Care to all our friends."
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